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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Here in our part of the South today, most eyes are glued to the window, waiting to see snow. It's something so rare, that just the mention of snow here sends folks into a frenzy.  It will be a great time to find a cozy spot and settle down with something you enjoy.  For the YesterUkes, it's likely to be a ukulele and a new tune or two.  We all complain of not having enough time to practice, so some "inside time" (it's doubtful this group will be out sledding) will be welcome.  The YesterUkes are working on some new songs in anticipation of several upcoming gigs.

While we never create a program specifically for one event, we might add songs to our set list that are particularly well-suited to a given place.  People always tell us they love our songs and ask how we find them.  We choose ones that we enjoy.  Band members often bring a list of ones they remember and like.  Then we'll pick one or two from each list.  Sometimes old music is pulled from drawers or chests.  Those yellowed, crumbling  pages might yield a musical gem.  

In our group, the age range spans quite a few years, and we grew up in various parts of the country.  So it isn't unusual for someone to shout out "Here's a song everyone knows" to be followed by, "Nope, I've never heard of that one."  We do our best to learn from each other. Many in our group do not read music, so we learn from lyric sheets, chord symbols, and YouTube. (Our kids and grandkids have nothing on us!)  It can be comical to listen to our first attempts, though.  But every now and then, we nail one the very first time.  Our practices are as much fun as our programs.  There is as much laughter as music while we work our way through new pieces.  This week's practice was one of the best, as we had a couple of those "got it right the first time" moments.

At this week's practice,  Ralph came back for a second visit.  Last week, he came --ukulele in hand -- from his home about 45 minutes away.  He had not seen us play, nor did he know anyone in the group, but he had heard about the YesterUkes and tracked us down.  He is quite a player.  And he is such a pleasant fellow that we hope he decides to join us full time.  The more, the merrier!

Update:  It's Monday morning and we have 5 inches on snow on the ground!


  1. I think this is my favorite YesterUkes post yet... Keep up the good work, and enjoy the snow!

  2. Your yard is much more picturesque than Atlanta.

  3. miss susie says, I think you are both suck ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but thanks anyway for the nice comments