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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What'll I Do

The first time the phone rang, the voice on the other end inquired about the YesterUkes--she might want to book us, but was not sure. She asked many questions about our group, the music we played, what types of programs we had done, etc. Everything a thoughtful program chairman should ask. Each question was answered but there was still some hesitancy in her voice. Instead of booking a date immediately, she opted to receive one of our press kits first and think about it. The kit contains a bio sheet, a few brochures, an 8x10 color photo of the group and a demo CD containing 4 songs from our CD. We send it out in advance of our programs so that a group can publicize our appearance.

About two weeks later, the phone rings again. And this time a very excited voice instantly says, "I have nearly worn out the CD you sent me! I've played it and played it. I'm just so excited. In fact, I have a friend who has been very ill and I called her up and held the phone up to the CD player to let her listen. And in between songs, I would stop and ask, 'Did you hear that?' I just knew it would make her feel better. It's great. Quick! Put us down for a program. We just can't wait to have you here!" Now, that's the kind of phone call we like to get!

If she happens to read this blog, she can also see us in action right here:

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