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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

On Wednesday of this week, the Yesterukes did something (I think) we've never done before.  We played two gigs at two places on the same day.  We played at the Willows of Easley at 10:00 am and at their sister facility, the Commons at the Willows, at 3:00 pm that afternoon.  Some of us arrived at 9:00 at the Willows to get chairs and sound set up.  This meant we had to leave Laurens at 8:00 to make the hour long trip, but we were ready to go and make music for the residents who really seemed to enjoy our performance. 

We finished up there at 11:00 am and, by the time we took down and packed up the sound equipment, it was time for lunch.  We formed a convoy and followed band member, Susan Nutter, (an Easley resident) to Mutt's BBQ for a delicious buffet meal. (See some pics below). Thanks to Susan for arranging our lunch plans.  We all could have used a nap after that great meal.

When we finished lunch, a few of us headed uptown to visit a local music shop.  (Imagine that!)  The rest of us headed back to the Commons and hung out in the parking lot until time to get set up for our 3 o'clock performance.  The audience at the Commons was just as, if not more, appreciative of our efforts and we really had a great time playing for both groups.

We finished up there at 4 o'clock and by the time the sound equipment was loaded, it was 4:45.  Yours truly made it back home shortly before 6:00 pm.

It was a long day, but certainly worth the effort to, hopefully, bring some joy to the residents of two fine residences. 

Mary Ellen limbering up

Don't talk to me, I'll lose count!

Bruce, Sharron, and Sadie

Sally and Bren

Some of the nice folks at the Willows

Susie, Sally, Julia, And Glenn

Susan, Sadie, and Sue talking it over

"Shy" Sharron and Peggy

Some of the Mutt's for lunch bunch - Claire, Sally, and Sharron

Sadie, Mary Ellen, and Bren

Smiling Susan and not really sure what Sadie's doing

Did somebody lick the red off of Dick's candy?

Yep, must have been Ken........

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Parisview Baptist

What a great time we had today with the folks at Parisview Baptist Church!  This was, I think, our third visit there and probably not our last, based on comments from members of their Golden Agers Group.  It's always good to return to a place so warm and welcoming.  We played for about 45 minutes, after which we were treated to a delicious meal.  We often joke that we work for food and today was no disappointment.  As we left, we were greeted with many thank you wishes and we feel the same way.  Many friendships were made and renewed today.  Enjoy these pics.

Setting up

Sadie and Susan

Peggy chillin'

Bob and Sue

Bren (aka Little White Dove)

Claire and Mary Ellen (They're really not that scary.)

Sue and Bruce

The Peanut Gallery ( Bob, Ken, Susan, and Sadie)


Let's hope they ask us back real soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Return to Windsor House

We made a return trip to Windsor House Assisted Living in Spartanburg, yesterday.  This was our second performance there and we were met with the same enthusiasm as the first time we visited.  The audience was lively and involved as a result, in no small part, of encouragement from the friendly, dedicated staff.  The residents danced, clapped, and sang along and we enjoyed them as much as they enjoyed our being there.  Let's hope that they ask us back real soon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hoppin' at Haywood Estates

We had the crowd singing and clapping along at Haywood Estates in Greenville on Wednesday.  We really played all the right songs for the residents there because they new all the words and joined their voices with ours with a great result.  We had just played there in September and it was wonderful to be asked back so soon.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Making New Friends in Honea Path

Yesterday found the band in Honea Path at The Maples retirement community and assisted living center.  We'd never traveled to Honea Path, so it was a bit of a challenge for some of our members to find their way there.  Thankfully, everyone made it and it was well worth the trip.  The Maples is a beautiful facility with a friendly and helpful staff.  The audience was enthusiastic and, I have to say it, we sounded great.  Everything just clicked.  We look forward to being asked to return.

As we waited for the dining room to be cleared for our performance, we were able to snap some pictures and we're sharing them here.


   Bruce, Claire, and Julia

  Julia and husband Mickey

    Bruce and Sue


Our newest member, Glenn

Another new member, Bren

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Back on the Road Again

Yesterday found the Yesterukes back on the road after a short break at Woodruff First Baptist.  We all braved the heavy rain to make our way to our first performance of the season.  It was well worth the trip to enjoy a delicious covered dish meal and the fellowship that goes with it.  Due to some sickness, injury, and schedule conflicts only 11(out of 18) band members were able to make it, but those who did perform did an outstanding job.  The show must go on.

Friday, December 29, 2017

It was a Very Good Year

2017 was, indeed, a very good year for the Yesterukes.  Due to some advertising in the form of slick brochures sent out to potential performance venues, we played a record number of gigs and acquired more than a few new friends and fans along the way. Now that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday rush is over, we've found time to recap highlights of our Fall season.

We began our Fall season on September 14 playing for the Golden Group at Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Greenville.  This was our second performance there and the welcome was just as enthusiastic as it was the first time we played there.

On September 25, we played for the nice folks at Haywood Estates.  This was our first ever performance there and they liked us so much we've been invited back in February 2018 to play for a larger crowd.  

On October 5th, we returned to Tremont Church of God to play for their Golden Gems Group.  We've played there once before and the welcome this time was just as warm as the first time we were there. And, as always, the food was delicious!

On October 16th, we "returned home" for a concert in the chapel at Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Center.  We got our start at Martha Franks when a few folks got together for a learn to play the ukulele class taught by our founder and now retired band member, Dianne Sutton.

On November 7th, we played for a lively group of residents at the Palmettos of Mauldin.  Several of the folks in the audience sang along to every song.

We kicked off our Christmas performances on December 5th at Rocky Creek Baptist Church with a program of seasonal favorites for their Forever Young seniors group. They fed us well before we played and the meal was delicious.

December 14th found us at Salem United Methodist Church in Greenville.  We've played there before, but this was our first Christmas program for their seniors group.  The food and fellowship and audience were all great!

At the last minute, we received and invitation to provide Christmas entertainment in the lobby of the Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic on Grove Road in Greenville.  We were more than happy to oblige and provide some holiday cheer for those who have served and helped protect our freedoms. Unfortunately, no photos were taken.

And last, but not least, we once again performed at the Greenville Poinsett Club for their annual Christmas luncheon.  There was a capacity crowd in the ballroom and most, if not all, available rooms were used to accommodate the guests.  We set up in the balcony overlooking the ballroom. We played from 11:30 am to almost 2:00 pm with a short break between sets.  We've already received word that they want us back next year.

So, as you can see, it was a very good (and very busy) year for the Yesterukes and we're already looking forward to hitting the road again in February.