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Friday, December 30, 2016

So Many Gigs and Great Times!

October through December was packed full of plenty of good times for The Yesterukes!  We renewed some old friendships and made some new ones. And, hopefully, we'll be seeing both again in months and years to some.

October 10th found us at Tremont Church of God in Greenville and the reception there could not have been warmer.  They even posted a special welcome sign for the band and the response from the audience was great as evidenced by a standing ovation.

October 13th found us at an evening performance for the Sunday school class of one of our band members who attends Simpsonville First Baptist Church.  We enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs and gathered around a burning fire pit for our performance.

On October 20th, we motored over to San Souci Baptist Church in Greenville to entertain the senior group at lunchtime.  After we played, we were treated to a delicious covered dish lunch. We look at food as a reward for a job well done.

On October 25th, we returned to Parisview Baptist Church to entertain their senior group and, you guessed it, another great meal. The folks at Parisview are always so kind and welcoming.

On November 1st, we entertained the senior group at Rocky Creek Baptist Church just off of Woodruff Road.  The nice folks there fed us a delicious meal (I detect a theme here). After lunch, we entertained the crowd and everyone sang and clapped along.  That always makes us feel good.

We ended our November gigs with a return performance at Quillen Manor in Fountain Inn.  We always enjoy entertaining the residents there and they always seem to enjoy and appreciate our music.


We kicked off our Christmas season with a trip to Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville on December 8th where we entertained their senior group with the sounds of the season and we enjoyed a delicious luncheon. If nothing else, we are well fed.

On December 15th, we entertained the folks at West Minster Presbyterian Church in Greenville.  Once again, we enjoyed a great meal and enjoyed entertaining those gathered there with music from our Christmas set list.

December 19th found us at Lee Road Methodist Church in Taylors where we entertained a group of Duke Energy retirees.  Again, we were very well fed (one of our members even took home some left over mac and cheese, which was delicious by the way). The group really seemed to enjoy our offering of Christmas music and we received many complements, a couple from surprised attendees who weren't expecting such from a ukulele band.

And last, but not least, we wrapped up our Christmas season and the year at the Poinsett Club in Greenville.  We were invited at the last minute to entertain after the scheduled performer had to cancel.  This was a real treat for us to be able to entertain the lunchtime crowd there on December 23rd, also known as Christmas Eve Eve.  We played from the balcony for nearly two hours with short breaks between sets. Quite a few of the lunchtime diners made the trip up to the balcony to see for themselves who was making the music that they were hearing on the ballroom floor. Everyone we talked with was very complimentary and amazed at how good we sounded. There was even talk about having us back for another performance in 2017.

As you can see by our schedule listed to the right, we're already pretty much booked for our spring season.  So, we're set to hit the road again in February after we've had a chance to rest up from the holidays.

We look forward to staying busy in the new year.