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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time After Time

This was our fourth visit with the senior adults at Buncombe St. United Methodist Church. It's always good to be in places where we know we'll be comfortable and welcomed. We knew ahead of time how to set up in this space.

We had added several new songs to our set list to be sure the audience was not hearing the same things that they had heard before, being sure not to take out the favorites.

After the program the pastor said, "It is so much fun to see people who enjoy what they do. And it is evident that this group totally enjoys what they are doing." 

After the program we were invited to join them for lunch.
And we never turn down a good meal!

Time After Time, Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne, 1947

Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Enchanted Evening

One way we measure if a gig was a good one is by how many people hang around after the program to talk to us and by how long they are willing to wait their turn. By this measure, last night was a total success. The good people at Forestville Baptist Church really seemed to enjoy the evening.

We did have fun playing all the songs "from our courtin' days" as one lady put it. Her husband quickly chimed in, "And from our honeymoon days." Then he looked at her with a big grin. These songs trigger powerful memories.

One sweet lady came to tell us, "This was the best entertainment we've had...." and she paused and thought for a few seconds....."in YEARS!" We hear similar comments often. Now we will never win a prize for playing perfect music but we have learned a lot about how to entertain a crowd.

A couple came up with a different kind of question ---"What is the youngest age in your group?" 61 "Well, then what is the oldest?" mid-80s  So glad they didn't ask WHO was the oldest and youngest!

A man who, retired from 33 years of teaching music and years of experience playing in rock 'n roll bands, asked how he might join our group. Many of our current members came to us just this way. They saw us perform and decided they had to do this, too.

People continued to hang around as we packed up sound equipment, still chatting and just enjoying the fellowship. The last few followed us to the car and were still asking about how they could book us for other groups. Good thing we had printed out more brochures before this program.

And, perhaps the best measure of how much the huge crowd enjoyed us was when the gentleman in charge of programs asked, "Can we book you to come again?"

Some Enchanted Evening, Rogers & Hammerstein, from the musical South Pacific, 1949