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Monday, January 30, 2012

C'est Magnifique

The Yesterukes took a field trip yesterday--a trip to hear ukulele prodigy Jake Shimbukuro in concert at the Newberry Opera House. Half of our band was able to go see the best ukulele player in the world. (Not everyone hung around for the photo.) He is truly amazing. So glad he was close enough to us that we could make the trip.

As we were leaving, we ran into some of our fans--fans of the Yesterukes. We said, "Just so you know....we can't play like that." And the gentleman walking beside us didn't miss a beat. He replied, "Not yet." We like his confidence in us! We hold no illusions, though. Jake Shimabukuro is a one-of-a-kind talent. We were just happy to see him in person.

For those of you were not with us, here is your chance to hear a song we saw him play yesterday:

He will be performing at the Spoleto Festival in South Carolina later in the spring. Maybe you can see him there.

C'est Magnifique, Peggy Lee, 1960

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Together

How good it was to be back together today! We took a month off for a much needed rest, but everyone was more than ready to start back. It was a full workout today as we tackled a new set list and a couple of new songs. 

The music sounded better than ever. It's funny how some songs that seemed impossible just come together when the time is right. Not sure how other ukulele bands do it, but we work pretty hard at our practices. Perfection is never the goal (having fun is always at the top of our list,) but we do try to make our programs as good as we can. 

Edna brought a prescription from her doctor that says it is okay for her to play with our band. We think it is more than okay--it is good for her health to be with us!

Practice is over for today, 
but we will be back together next week.

Happy Together, The Turtles, 1967