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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mountain Greenery

It was the perfect day to be in the mountains. The Yesterukes were at Palmetto Cove to entertain at the NC/SC Airstream Rally. These folks had come from across the Carolinas to enjoy a few days together. When we arrived, some were outside playing games, others were busy with a basket weaving class and one group of ladies was hard at work in the kitchen, getting food ready for lunch and dinner. 

Others were just taking it easy in the rocking chairs at the picnic shelter, enjoying the view. There was a lecture scheduled for later in the day. A full calendar of activities was available for those who had made the trip. We were there to play a concert just after lunch. 

We had a great time singing and playing for a group who thoroughly enjoyed our music. After we finished, so many wanted to talk to us. We hear such nice comments everywhere we go. Most of the comments are typically, "Oh, I knew all of those songs" and "What memories that brought back." And we love and value each one of those. But every now and then someone has something a little different to add.

One gentleman patiently waited his turn after we finished this program to say, "I just wanted to tell you that I've been to hundreds of Airstream Rallies over the years. I've been to national rallies and I've even been to a few international rallies. And I want you to know that today--what you did here this afternoon--it was THE best program I've ever heard at any of the events I've attended." Wow. We are honored. Thank you, sir.

Here are some highlights from our day...

Mountain Greenery, Rodgers & Hart. 1926

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Could Happen To You

It can happen to the best of us. 165 blog posts. Probably a thousand emails sent to band members. One group email list for the blog. One group email list for the band. One line apart in the email address book.

And everyone always got the right communication. Until this week. One 'mis-click' of the finger and the people who subscribe to the blog by email got the email about band practice with a reminder to bring their music stands.

The majority just ignored the goof. But there were others who responded. Those responses varied from the sympathetic, "So glad to know I'm not the only one who's done this" to the sassy, "I'd come but I don't think I can be there on time coming from Canada" and "Shouldn't you have told me I was in the band?" to the cute, "We were going to come but LK doesn't have a music stand."

Might have been fun if someone had actually shown up, ukulele in hand. We could have shared music stands.

It Could Happen To You, Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen, 1944

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Talk

After the program for the First Presbyterian Church PEP club, audience members (which included members of First Baptist Church, too) gathered around the Yesterukes to say how much they had enjoyed the music. We heard again and again, "I knew every one of those songs!" We knew that because they all sang along with us. It was an especially good audience.

As the room began to clear, one band member said a lady had just told her, "Your group is just so professional." And the Yesteruke player looked at the rest of us and added, "Well, that's the first time we've been accused of that!"

By the time we got home, this email had arrived...

Please pass along our thanks to all the Yesterukes for coming to be with us today! Everybody just loved every minute of it; you all are quite talented, and you make it such fun.

And these good folks made it fun for us, too.

Happy Talk, Rogers & Hammerstein, 1949