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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Talk

After the program for the First Presbyterian Church PEP club, audience members (which included members of First Baptist Church, too) gathered around the Yesterukes to say how much they had enjoyed the music. We heard again and again, "I knew every one of those songs!" We knew that because they all sang along with us. It was an especially good audience.

As the room began to clear, one band member said a lady had just told her, "Your group is just so professional." And the Yesteruke player looked at the rest of us and added, "Well, that's the first time we've been accused of that!"

By the time we got home, this email had arrived...

Please pass along our thanks to all the Yesterukes for coming to be with us today! Everybody just loved every minute of it; you all are quite talented, and you make it such fun.

And these good folks made it fun for us, too.

Happy Talk, Rogers & Hammerstein, 1949

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  1. I shall now proceed to sing (or at least hear in my head) the full soundtrack from South Pacific. : )