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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Some Fun Out Of Life

Southerners are noted for their politeness so we figure at least a few of the positive comments we've had over the years might have more to do with good manners than our great performance. But last night a beautiful lady who is well into her 90s came up after the program at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church to speak to the Yesterukes.

She was very specific when she told us, "This is the best program we've had." Holding up one finger at a time as she listed what she liked, she continued, "It was lively. It was just the right length. The music was great."

The evening was fun for us all. Good food, good fellowship, good audience.
It was just the way to end our performing for a while.
The Yesterukes will take a much needed break for the entire month of July. Meet us right back here in August for more from the Yesterukes.

Enjoy your summer!

Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
, Bille Holliday, 1937

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

We know, we know. All we can talk about is this heat. But it was 99 in the shade today. And heat makes people do strange the spontaneous ukulele version of Elvira that started mid-practice this afternoon. It was actually sung with name Eldena (she came in a little late), but you get the idea. Turned out to be great fun. So who knows, maybe we'll try it for real one day.

Eldena told us we sounded good as she walked toward our practice room. She also saw several folks sitting out in the heat listening to us practice. If we had known, we would have welcomed them into the cool where we were. We play better when folks are listening.

We're waiting on a weather front to pass through and bring some relief from the heat. Anyone know any "cool" songs to sing in the meantime?

Hot Hot Hot, by Arrow, 1982

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Bones

It's summer. It's hot. It's really hot. And we are beginning to slow down a little. Vacations, family visits, and a couple of summer viruses have kept folks away from practice. But we are taking advantage of our slower schedule to try out some new songs. Not everything we try will make it to public performance.

Sometimes it's just fun to play to see what happens. A sure hit? A train wreck? Or we'll think, "What would happen if we change.....?" It's great to have some time to explore what is possible.

Here is a song that we did months ago because it was so simple. It gave our newer players an easy song--one they could feel comfortable playing. We added it to our set list and, to our amazement, it has become a crowd favorite! Two chords for the entire song. Perfect to play when the "lazies" hit.

Lazy Bones
, by Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer, 1933

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On a hot, muggy day the cars began to arrive at the small church, crossing over the railroad track into the gravel parking lot. The church is small but the senior group isn't.

They call their group "Friends & Neighbors" and it's just that. They invite people from other churches and other communities to join them once a month for fellowship and food. The visiting is just as important as the food and the music. Conversation mixes with laughter. And there might be a tall tale swapped here and there!

The food was abundant and delicious. And the welcome was warm. After lunch everyone settled back to enjoy the program. The well-fed Yesterukes were more than happy to pull out the ukuleles and sing and spend a little more time here in Waterloo.

, by Cole Porter, 1932