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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Some Fun Out Of Life

Southerners are noted for their politeness so we figure at least a few of the positive comments we've had over the years might have more to do with good manners than our great performance. But last night a beautiful lady who is well into her 90s came up after the program at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church to speak to the Yesterukes.

She was very specific when she told us, "This is the best program we've had." Holding up one finger at a time as she listed what she liked, she continued, "It was lively. It was just the right length. The music was great."

The evening was fun for us all. Good food, good fellowship, good audience.
It was just the way to end our performing for a while.
The Yesterukes will take a much needed break for the entire month of July. Meet us right back here in August for more from the Yesterukes.

Enjoy your summer!

Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
, Bille Holliday, 1937

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I used to work in a space where the senior citizens met every week and anytime there was music to listen to and/or participate in they had a wonderful time. You are doing a good service.