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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are You Havin' Any Fun?

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A question was posed to members of the YesterUkes this week.  "Why do you put so much time and effort into this ukulele band?"  Two quick replies came from a couple of gentlemen in the group.  Chandler said that will all the bad news on TV, he loved to get together with these folks and forget the 'gloom and doom' that is dominating the media at the moment.  There couldn't be a better way to improve your mood than to strum a happy tune on the ukulele.

As a youngster, Bob, dreamed of a career as a singer but practicality won out and he set that dream aside.  But now that he is retired, he has found his audience.  He is one of our soloists and says, "Sometimes I feel guilty, because I get more out of a performance than the audience." Not so!  People across the upstate have loved hearing his rich voice.  Loud applause and whistles after a song often attest to that.  He also said, "I get to do what I love with people I love!!!"

Much of the YesterUke experience is about being part of the group.  No doubt about it--we love to perform, but that is just a 'part' of what we do.  Friendships have sprung up and grown strong among people who met at practice.  We've managed to squeeze in a couple of get-togethers with good food and visiting. And time on the road, as we travel to various places across upstate South Carolina, gives us a chance to chat and get to know each other better.  A couple of carpools are among the best social groups around.  Maybe playing ukulele is just a side benefit!

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