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Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

Real ukulele players came face to face with real cowboys this week.  The YesterUkes played pre-dinner music for the Spotlight on Agriculture dinner, which recognizes and honors the agriculture industry in Laurens County.  We had such a good time, playing for over an hour as about 300 people from across the county gathered for this annual event.

We decided that for this program, we needed a special song.  We did a spectacular version of "Rawhide", complete with whip cracking and shouts loud enough to move those cows!  You could almost hear the thunderous roar of hooves pounding the ground.  It was great fun.  The man who was later named Cattleman of the Year came over to see how we made the whip sound.  We think he was concerned that we might be using a real whip.  

When the YesterUkes started, the plan was to do a few programs in nursing homes.  And while we certainly do play at these places, we didn't put limits on our potential.  It has been exciting to perform at a variety of venues.  A pub, coffee houses, restaurants, a hospital and a festival have been mixed into our schedule of churches and retirement homes.  Each one, challenging us to grow and learn.  And, we ever sound better than when we started!