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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come On Get Happy

The exercise class for seniors was still going on in the gym when we arrived at Buncombe St. United Methodist Church.  As soon as they finished, we began our set up for another YesterUkes program.  We dashed around, unpacking mics, stretching cables across the floor and tucking them under chairs and tuning ukuleles.  By the time we had everything connected and did a quick sound check, it was time to begin the fun.  For thirty minutes we took the senior adults on a musical memory trip, singing old favorites and telling them about our adventures with the lowly little ukulele.  About 50 folks sang along and laughed together, remembering days when these hit songs were played on the radio.  

We enjoyed lunch with the group before it was time to go.  Visiting with people after the program is a always a pleasure.  The favorite comment of this trip was, "That went by so fast, I didn't have time to clap!"  We pride ourselves on presenting a lively, fast paced program, but we love applause, so maybe we'll slow the pace -- but not too much.  

 In conversations with some of our faithful readers we found that not everyone realized that last week's blog post included a video.  If you missed it, scroll down and look again.  The third "photo" in the middle of the article is from YouTube.  Click on the small arrow in the lower left corner of the picture and you should we able to look and listen to the YesterUkes.  You can also find more videos on   Just put "yesterukes" in the search box there.

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