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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet the Yesterukes--Sue

From time to time we will be hearing from the members of the Yesterukes in their own words. Might be how they learned to play or an interesting experience they've had with the ukulele or with our band.

Here is the story Sue tells:

I learned to play a uke when I was about ten. My older sister brought hers home from college one weekend. Of course, I thought I could learn to play one too. Soon I had a uke of my own and was on the way to learning a few songs.

We used to entertain our Mom and Dad from the backseat of the car on long trips. (This was before our car had a radio.) We knew the usual easy sing-a-long songs of the day. We played and sang to our hearts content....until Dad had finally had enough. He would slow down, turn around, and say quietly, " Let's give that a rest for awhile." And we would.

Just imagine--a car without radio. Now, kids watch movies in the back seat! Oh, how times have changed.

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