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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Together

Taking a break is essential for this ukulele band so that there is time for vacation, family and such but goodness, how good it is to be back together.

If you had watched the group gather, you might think we had taken the entire summer off instead of one month!

Everyone was so happy to see each other. It was hard to get everyone settled down to practice.

Today, though, the visiting was as important as the music. We needed time to reconnect and catch up on what had happened during the past month.

We did finally get to the music. And we sounded good---really good. Good to know we didn't forget everything. "It was the hours of practice we each did daily while we were off," someone cracked. That's likely an exaggeration, but time away certainly didn't hurt us. Thank goodness.

Happy Together, The Turtles, 1967

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