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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life!

The voice on the answering machine said, "We're excited to have you at the Strawberry Festival! You have a slot at 12:15. Call if you have any questions." But there was no more information--no date, no town, no phone number. And we didn't have this on our schedule. A total mystery!

Googling "strawberry festival" showed one next week in eastern North Carolina. There was another one in Florida. But those aren't anywhere near us. Completely puzzled, we posted a message on the Yesterukes' Facebook page, asking if anyone knew anything about this.

Then, we rode to nearby Stewart Farms to see if they knew of any festivals in the area. (They didn't.) And bought a gallon of strawberries while we were there. We've had many different experiences since starting our band, but this was a first. A mystery gig!

Later the phone rang again. Someone had seen our plea for information on Facebook and called to tell us which festival it was. We still don't know how we got booked at the Strawberry Festival in Slater, SC. Will we play? That's another mystery. If not this year, maybe another.

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life!, by Victor Herbert, 1910

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  1. Your fab reputation precedes you I suppose. What great looking strawberries. Reminds me of my grandmother's patch.