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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bits And Pieces

As soon as the last note of The Lion Sleeps Tonight sounded, a lady on the back row shouted, "I'll give you twenty-five cents for him!" The song and the singer are always a hit, but it was the first time someone offered to keep him! The audience at Skylyn Place had a great time singing along with the Yesterukes who sang their way from the 1920s to the 1960s.

We even had a groupie come with a poster she made to cheer us on. (Now, it's entirely possible that she was related to one of us. But we were still excited.)

One bright-eyed lady bounced up after the program to tell us how much she enjoyed the music. We told her we were waiting for her to get up and dance because we could see how full of energy she was. Her words were, "Oh, honey, I can dance! I live every day wide open. I'm not going to just sit here. And, by the way, I'll be 81 on my birthday!"

Last week we entertained a large group at NHC. All but two were in wheel chairs but everyone was alert and listening. We teased them that we rocked and they rolled! It was the fastest 45 minutes ever. These folks would have loved more. When we finished, a sweet white-haired lady asked, "Are you coming back tomorrow?" We wish we could have. We'll be back another time, though.

And the Yesterukes are in the news again. A wonderful full page article in the Clinton Chronicle captured the spirit of the Yesterukes in words and pictures. We love sharing our story.

Bits And Pieces, Dave Clark Five, 1964

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  1. You guys are awesome keep having and spreading the fun around..... Ukester Brown (David R)