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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watch What Happens

When ukulele players from across the Southeast gather by a lake on a beautiful spring day, good things are bound to happen. The Charleston Hotshots hosted CUKEOUT today at Lake Greenwood, SC to give uke enthusiasts a chance to meet each other and play together.

It was great to meet other players. People came from the Atlanta, Georgia area, different parts of North Carolina and of course, several towns in South Carolina. There was even a couple from Wisconsin who spend part of the year in North Carolina.

The Charleston Hotshots planned and hosted this event. And entertained us with their songs. We all want a bucket bass now! Thanks, Hotshots, for making this happen.

We got a chance to sing a few of our songs.

Seeing lots of ukuleles of all varieties was interesting. We usually only see other styles online .

We also heard so many styles of music--finger picking, blues, ragtime, jug tunes, jazz, tin pan ally, rock, etc. It was quite an education for us. Lots of ideas for the Yesterukes.

Group songs were part of the schedule. For folks that had never met before, we didn't sound too bad when we played together.

You can't have a ukulele gathering without a little Hawaiian music.

It was a gorgeous day at Lake Greenwood. A great chance to practice a little in peace. The ice cream pontoon even passed by in the afternoon.

Players came with spouses, children, pets and friends.

It was a good day for everyone. We hope CUKEOUT #2 happens in the fall. Maybe you'll join us!

Watch What Happens, recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1969

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time.... maybe someday I can enjoy the fun and beautiful scenery. Ukester Brown