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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Blue shirts are all clean, notebooks in order, ukuleles tuned. We are well rehearsed with a great set list. But the phone call yesterday morning said, "We are canceling our program for tomorrow because of possible bad weather." So this morning we are all in "play mode" with no place to go. Snow is predicted for today. John Cessarich on WYFF says, "Folks, it's coming." But there is none falling yet. The snow is a couple of counties away at this point.

We live in a part of the country where the mention of snow will send everyone rushing to the grocery store for milk and bread. Just in case. And even one inch of snow on the ground can bring things to a near stand still. We mostly watch snow on television and are thankful we live in the South where snow is rare enough to be a treat when it does come.

So all across the Upstate this morning, there are Yesterukes sitting at home, strumming a song, wishing we were together today. Staying warm. Waiting for the snow.

Snow, by Irving Berlin for the 1954 movie, White Christmas


  1. What a cozy photo! I'm hope you're enjoying your snow day!

  2. Lovely snow has fallen all day. But nothing is sticking to the ground. For those of us not wanting to go sledding or build a snowman, this may be the best kind.