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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Did They Know

A husband and wife attended an awards dinner a couple of weeks ago where the Yesterukes provided the entertainment. He said when they arrived, they looked over the program that was laying at each seat. Seeing the word "ukulele" prompted him to turn to his wife and exclaim somewhat sarcastically, "Well, I bet THAT's going to be good. " And today he told us, "But you were--much to our surprise!" We love it when that happens.

After that same program, another gentleman pushed to the front to say, "I want to join your group--but I've got a problem. I've never played an instrument, I don't read music, I have short fingers..." And the director quickly answered how wonderful it would be to have him and told him what day practice was held. And then the man started to sputter a little, "Uh, uh... That was supposed to be a joke!" He had no clue that he had just described how many of our players start.

Yep, we really do take complete beginners and turn them into ukulele players and performers. We are also blessed to have some terrific players in our group. And they have been more than willing to help the others learn. What a wonderful mix of people we have!

Little Did They Know, by Palisade, 2005

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