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Friday, February 12, 2010

I'll See You In My Dreams

The walkers were parked in a line against one wall. Residents of
Morningside Assisted Living were seated in the dining room to hear the Yesterukes provide the afternoon entertainment. As we played and sang songs from years past, a few heads drooped as some listeners nodded off. Some faces relaxed as they drifted back to another time and place. A couple of folks tapped out the rhythm on the arm of their wheel chairs. Small smiles here and there meant people were hearing us. The applause was quiet because arthritic hands can't always clap.

We sang old love songs and played some fast paced 50s rock 'n roll. It was fun to see different faces react to the particular songs they knew. Now, all musicians know it is easier to play well for an enthusiastic audience. With a couple of years experience behind us, though, we've learned that audiences like this one listen and enjoy differently. But they do listen and they do enjoy. How do we know they really enjoyed it? Because after the program they tell us.

A lady pushed her walker to the front to say, "I finished high school and got married in the 50s. Oh, these were my songs. You brought back so many memories today." A man with a strong handshake found the leader as she was packing equipment afterward and explained, "I tried to tell each band member individually that this was the best program we've had here. It was just great. And I don't use that word often. I really don't. Make sure they all know that. Please come back soon."

We hope we can.

I'll See You In My Dreams, by Gus Kahn & Isham Jones, 1924

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