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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Was A Very Good Year

Today is Groundhog Day and the groundhog says six more weeks of winter. We've already had more than our share of winter weather here in the deep South. The upside of another cold, gray, damp day is finding time to tally up the totals for performances in 2009.

Looks like the Yesterukes played for about 2700 people last year. That's a lot of people! That's 1000 more than the year before. Audience sizes ranged from 25-400. We played everywhere from an outdoor festival to an Airstream RV rally. Retirement homes and church groups are always on our list, but in 2009 we also played for 2 agriculture groups and 2 preschools.

The Yesterukes have grown in size, too. (No, no.... that is not a reference to all the covered dish dinners we enjoyed.) We've added several new players, growing from six players in fall of 2007 to 21 members now. Who would have ever thought this group would be this busy and grow like we have?

Peformances for 2010 start next week. We will be posting photos from these groups soon.

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It Was A Very Good Year, written by Ervin Drake, 1961, made famous by Frank Sinatra in 1966

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