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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have A Little Faith

The Yesterukes were booked today to play for the Eastern Piedmont District Garden Club meeting. By the time we arrived, we were down to nine players. A lady with the garden club looked at our group and asked, "Is this all you have?" (There are 21 members of the Yesteukes.) With only a minor shift in our set list, though, we were ready.

For about twenty minutes, we charmed South Carolina gardeners. Cameras flashed all across the hall. Video cameras were pulled out. People stood and moved around to get a better view and many sang along with us. They loved it. After the program, the state president for South Carolina Garden Clubs told the local president, "They were so good. That is music from our era!"

We knew we would be fine with 9 players. But we'll admit we're more comfortable with more--there is safety in numbers! We send good wishes to our sick folks. Hurry back! It's more fun when we're all together.

Have A Little Faith, The Statler Brothers, 1975

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