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Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Ought To Be In Pictures

We fully understand that the rest of the universe is not as excited as the Yesterukes are.

We hope that friends and family will bear with us, though. We'll stop smiling in a bit.

It's just not something that happens everyday. We knew it was to be published. But seeing it in print is another matter entirely.

We are excited because the nicest article about the Yesterukes is in the Spring 2010 issue of Sandlapper magazine. Three pages (slick pages, even) that tell what makes the Yesterukes so special...what being in the band means to our players and why the band is so popular with audiences. It's all about ukulele joy.

For over 40 years, Sandlapper has told the story of South Carolina--stories about the people, about the places, about the history of our state. The Yesterukes are honored to be included in the magazine that is held in such high regards by South Carolinians. If you are in South Carolina (and maybe parts of North Carolina), you might find a copy at your local book store or in your library.

And after you've read about the Yesterukes, read the rest of the magazine. It's filled with beautiful photography and informative articles--about everything from history to nature to recipes. And much more. Then consider joining the Sandlapper Society (which includes a magazine subscription.)

Thanks, Sandlapper! You made our day.

You Ought To Be In Picture
s, by Dana Suesse & Edward Heyman, 1934

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  1. Cool stuff all you yesters! A magazine article is way beyond me- I just try to stay out of the police blotter and the obits!! Ukester Brown

  2. That's terrific! Congratulations!