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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Blogger seems to have gone back to normal so we are back online. And we only missed telling you about one gig while it was down. The Yesterukes had a great time playing for the good folks at Greer First Presbyterian Church. They treated us to a huge salad buffet before we played. (Still wishing we had the recipe for the Strawberry Spinach salad.)

We played through our usual list of songs from years ago. But this particular audience seemed to enjoy it more than most. When we had finished about 45 minutes of music, almost every one there wanted to come talk to us, many telling stories about a particular song they liked. They stood around talking to each other a long time, swapping stories and sharing memories.

One gentleman who was seated at the front, very close to the band, never smiled during the program. Not one time. We really thought, "Well, you can't win them all. He's not enjoying this one bit." But after the program he told us, "I have not heard that much good music in years. Wonderful! Just wonderful!"

People tell us everywhere we go that one reason they have fun at our programs is because WE have so much fun playing. It's contagious! And there is no doubt about it---we have a lot of fun everywhere we go.

S'Wonderful, George & Ira Gershwin, 1927

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