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Friday, June 24, 2011

After You've Gone

It is always sad to say goodbye, but Ron & Betty, two very special people, have decided it is time to move on to other endeavors. Both have so many talents and interests that there was not enough time to do them all.

They were part of the original five people who completed the "Learn To Play The Ukulele In 8 Weeks" class. Those five people were the beginning of the Yesterukes. If memory is correct, in one of the first news articles about the band, they were quoted as saying they did one new thing each year. Ukulele was the new thing for 2007. So we can't complain---they've been with us for four wonderful years.

We will miss Ron's sense of humor (read his experience about his stay at Mepkin Abby after playing with us for a while. It was not the same as "before ukuleles"!) Ron was also one of our whistlers, one who wowed each and every audience. And no one will ever hit the high notes like Betty. Her true soprano voice will be missed in our vocals.

And Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Center will miss the great photo ops of these two in their blue shirts! They've been featured in assorted PR materials over the years. They always looked like they were having such great fun.

So here's to Ron and Betty! Enjoy your new adventure. We can't wait to hear what you do next.

After You've Gone, by Layton & Creamer, 1918

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