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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Just A Matter Of Time

Just like sports teams study game film, we study our videos. It's the only way to find what needs work. Practice means just that--a work session, not just time to play music together. But it's still fun. And it does pay off.

If you've seen some of our earlier videos, we hope you can see improvement in these latest ones. We're pretty sure we can. And be certain that there are some videos that you'll never see! The Yesterukes borrowed the motto, "Learn by doing" from the 4H clubs. It worked for them and it has worked for us, too. After nearly 100 performances, we've learned much. We thankfully had kind audiences in the very beginning--ones who encouraged us to keep going.

Here we are, starting a concert last week the way we start every program--with our version of Sweet Georgia Brown.

We'll be putting more videos here from time to time. But if you want more now, you can find another right here!

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It's Just A Matter Of Time, Brook Benton, 1959

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  1. Your video is fantastic...just doesn't run long enough! Keep 'em coming.

  2. Posting more on YouTube. Keep watching.

  3. That's some pretty snappy spoon playing!

  4. You've gotten better and the pace has picked up! Way to go!

  5. You sound fantastic and your passion for your music is wonderful! And what a whistler that gal in front is! She is darling!

  6. we call the whistler in the front "Princess PUCKER" AND SHE IS DARLING!!!!