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Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Better

The instant the concert was over, she made a beeline for the director, pointing her finger in a sweeping motion toward the Yesterukes still on stage. "I don't know anything about this stuff--but I just know I want to do it! How do I get started?" That kind of enthusiasm is always a sign that we did a good job. And this lady wasn't the only one. There were enough people asking about playing uke last night to consider starting another "How to Play Uke" class.

The Yesterukes played a full hour program for a packed house of friends, family, and residents of Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Community. We mixed a few new solo pieces in with our standard set. We continue to discover hidden talents among our players and this concert gave them time to shine.

The Martha Franks Community was where this whole ukulele thing started, when an 8-week class was offered for residents. It was all so innocent. No expectations of anything more. But three years later, that little class has evolved into a 20-piece ukulele band that has performed for thousands.

The comments that were the most fun for us to hear were the Martha Franks residents who, in amazement, remarked, "Oh my goodness, you guys are SO MUCH BETTER than you used to be!" Lots of practice, lots of hard work, lots of performing. That's how you get better.

Getting Better, The Beatles, 1967

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  1. Wish I could have been there. Glad it went well! Maybe you'll do another 'public' concert sometime...