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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello, Goodbye

We had planned a little pre-practice party 
to say goodbye to one who is leaving us
to move to another state.

She was our very first member. 
Without her, there would be no Yesterukes.

Of course, there was cake.

The surprise was that we got to say hello 
to one who has been away for quite a while.

We've missed her.

We allowed extra time for visiting.

The cake was delicious.

It was great when former members stopped by.

Maybe a tall tale or two was told.

Our newer members had a chance to get to know those 
who have been in the band a long time.

Then we got down to business...

...and played the songs in our new set list.

The next gigs are going to be good ones!

Yes, we take our music seriously and work hard to make it good. But what makes this band a success is the community it has created. These people have come from so many places and so many backgrounds, brought together by the music. But they have found family here. That is why is we do what we do.

Hello, Goodbye, Beatles 1967

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  1. Thanks for Mama's Goodbye Party. That meant a lot to her. We're looking forward to having her closer to us.