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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

People book the Yesterukes to play for them many months in advance. And the Bar None Cowboy Church did just that. We got the call a long time ago asking us to be part of their Fun Day.

We rarely do outdoor events because of all the unexpected possibilities that can complicate a performance, particularly for a large group. But we all thought this one sounded like fun.

We knew that it could be breezy or that it might rain. But we never considered that it would be cold enough for a bonfire on the first Saturday in May. Cold enough to need coats and gloves and hats. And enough rain was predicted for the weekend for flash flood warnings to be issued.

But the kids didn't mind. And the horses didn't seem to care. It was just the grown-ups that were freezing! The day included a trail ride, hay rides, a BBQ lunch and a worship time. And there was lots of music all afternoon. 

And in the end, the Yesterukes didn't mind the cold, either. (Well, not too much.) We just bundled up, clipped down our music as the wind picked up, and played on. The Yesterukes understand that "the show must go on." We were thankful for the tent. And we were thankful that the hard rain held off until after we played. 

Every now and then, it is fun for us to do something completely different. A breath of fresh air does us good. This time it just happened to be a breath of cold fresh air!

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again, The Fortunes, 1971

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