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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back Home Again

We were back where it all started. Back in 2007, the Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Center offered an 8-week class, "Learn To Play The Ukulele For Fun." A dozen people started the class. Five people finished. And those five beginner ukulele players were the start of the Yesterukes. But our little band didn't even have a name at that point. With no plan to become a permanent group, that little group of folks played a couple of programs here at Martha Franks Center. And then, five players became ten. Within months, there were twelve of us. And it continued to grow and grow until we became the 22-piece band we are today. Only one band member is a resident of Martha Franks Retirement Center now, but they are still happy to let us have practice space there.

So as a "thank you" for all the years of utilizing their facilities for hundreds of practices, we played an afternoon concert for residents, friends and family. The chapel continued to fill up as the start time approached, so we had a nearly full house for our program. We had fun singing for them. They had fun listening. Those who had not heard us since the beginning were amazed at how we sound now. Lots of years of practice and performances have let us hone our skills.

What a fun shirt we spied after the concert. Maybe we embarassed a few of our children and grandchildren when we started, but now they are all proud to say, "My mom/dad/grandparent plays with the Yesterukes." They couldn't be happier about what we do!

Back Home Again, John Denver, 1974

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