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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome To My World

When you want to surprise someone in a big way, you could invite an 18-piece ukulele band to play at the party. (No one expects to walk into a room to be greeted by a full-blown ukulele concert.)

The surprise party was for a well-known ukulele builder. This birthday was a significant one. By the Yesterukes standard, he's still a boy, but we were happy to welcome him to our world--the world that sometimes gets you a free cup of coffee or a discount at the store on certain days of the week.

It was a fun evening, complete with assorted birthday cakes, one decorated with a ukulele just for him. The birthday boy joined us for the final song of the evening. He can now consider himself an honorary Yesteruke. Happy Birthday, Russ! 

Welcome To My World, Jim Reeves, 1961

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  1. an absolutely wonderful wonderful evening. i cant begin to tell you how much joy the yesterukes brought! thanks, harris