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Monday, February 20, 2012

Memories Are Made Of This

We are in the music business. But more importantly, we are in the memory business. Our music is all from days gone by. There were such smiles and sparkling eyes as we played today for the senior adults at Convenant United Methodist Church.

After the program so many people came up to share a memory. The songs mean different things to different people. One widow said she wished her husband could have heard us; that he sang these songs all the time. Another told us that she sang every song with us--songs she knew from her teen years. One after another, they came to talk. "We used to...." "That reminded me of..."  And we were happy to listen.

Music is powerful. It's like a time machine. Music can zip us right back to our high school or college days. We think it's why folks enjoy us so much. They hear us and for about 45 minutes, they are young again.

That, and the fact that our music is really good. The best comment of the day was overheard as we were leaving. "No wonder you have to book them a year in advance!" We're glad she liked us.

Memories Are Made Of This, Dean Martin, 1956

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