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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once In Awhile

The Yesterukes started a few years ago with a group of six players and since then has grown into a band so large that we won't all fit into a picture!  Hence, the tilted shot--a homemade wide-angle photo.

We played a concert at the Laurens County Library last week for a rare open-to-the-public performance. The library community room was full. And the audience included some people who had made their first trip ever to the library. That made the library staff very happy. We were glad these folks came to hear us, but hope these newcomers will visit the library again to check out the other things available there.

We also had a very special visitor for the evening.  Flat Stanley attended the concert with a special 3rd grade friend. Flat Stanley even had his photo made playing the ukulele so that he can show the class what he did during spring break. Maybe we can get a copy of the photo later.

Everyone had fun. We hope it isn't too long before we can do another concert that is open to everyone.

Once In Awhile, Tommy Dorsey, 1937

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