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Friday, February 4, 2011

In The Land Of Beginning Again

A longer than usual Christmas break, crazy winter weather rarely seen in the South, the loss of a member's spouse---this feels like a never-ending winter.  But the Yesterukes are ready to play. After a few practices to brush away the cobwebs, we are ready to take the show on the road next week.  

There was chatter at yesterday's practice about the definition of "senior adult."  You can join AARP at age 50. An online dictionary defined senior citizen as "elderly persons, usually more than sixty or sixty-five years of age." (Elderly at 60?  We don't think so!!!)  

This topic came up because most of our programs are for senior adult groups.  We try to choose music that our audiences will recognize and enjoy.  But our audiences can range from mid-50s to 100!  (The oldest audience member we can remember was 102.)  There is a nearly 30-year age range among the Yesterukes.

So what does all this mean?  All in our group have to learn songs we don't always know or like.  It's always fun to add a new song to our list and then wait for the moans and groans.  Those who finished high school in the 1940s might not love a song from the late 60s or early 70s.  There was a huge musical shift during those years.  And some of our younger members might think a song from the 1930s borders on dull.

But we all will give the song a try, argue its merits, study it on YouTube, and play it different ways.  After lots of joking around and lots of laughter, the song just might be someone's new favorite.  Or at least they will tolerate it! 

What's the one type of comment we hear after every program?  "I love your selection of music."  "You choose the best songs."  "How do you choose such a good list of songs?"  We work at it.

In The Land Of Beginning Again, Bing Crosby, 1945

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