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Friday, February 18, 2011


He comes sometimes just to sit and listen to the Yesterukes practice and usually stays until the end. He told his daughter about our band and how much he enjoyed listening.  "They sure would be good to have for a party. If anyone was planning a party," he said just a few weeks before his birthday. We were glad someone was listening.

And so the Yesterukes were invited to entertain. It was the best kind of party. Lots of friends and family and cake. Lots of cake. We were honored to be part of this 85th birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Joel!

Celebrate, Three Dog Night, 1969


  1. My name is Bill Chaffee and I am President of The Happy Ukulele Band sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Conroe.TX, 40 miles north of Houston, TX. Our band has been in existance since March, 1998 and has done more than 600 performances since the band was first started. We practice every Tuesday morning and perform every Thursday in exactly the same types of venues as you folks. Our music is from the early 1900s to the fiftys and sixtys. Our band also has a keyboard player, bass, banjo, guitar and mandolin players. You do not have to be a Baptist to be a member of our band, We have members from other denominations as well.
    Your music is great and it's to bad we are not closer together. It would be fun to have a mixer with you all. Bless you all. Keep in touch with us.

  2. Thank you for telling us about your group. Yes, if there weren't several states between us, I'm sure we would make glorious music together!