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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's My Party

We didn't know until we arrived that the event at Standing Springs Baptist Church was a birthday party for the men in the senior adult group.  And the Yesterukes were the special entertainment.  After a great supper, complete with cake and ice cream, we sang and played our songs from years gone, taking the audience on trip back in time.

After the program, a younger man who was attending with his father, came up to say, "You guys were good.  I mean, really good."  Seeing the slightly incredulous look on his face as he said that, the Yesterukes director responded, "Let me guess--we weren't exactly what you were expecting, were we?" (We get this a lot.)  He was funny as he continued.  "I actually kind of thought it was a joke announcement when they told us we were having a ukulele band."  But we are no joke!

And we had some fans who wanted to see us perform so badly that they decided to just come.  Our first party crashers!  Our public concerts are rare, so they just decided to come and hope it was okay.  It was fine and added to the excitement. And it delighted us that anyone wanted to see us that much.

We met so many new friends as we visited after the program.  Everyone was warm and friendly.  We felt like we had known them for a long time.  Pretty sure we'll be back here again.

It's My Party, Lesley Gore, 1963

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  1. You guys are rock stars! Ukester Brown

  2. Rocking chair stars maybe!

    Thanks, Ukester.