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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We Need A Little Christmas

When all sensible people were heading toward higher ground last night, the fearless ukulele players of the Yesterukes braved the storm to get to Taylors First Baptist Church to entertain members of a Sunday School class. Everyone waded through puddles to get inside where food and friendly faces waited.

Someone commented last week about the committed players in this group. (hmmm--or did she say, "...should BE committed"?) Only true dedication to this group would have gotten these men and women to leave their warm, dry homes and come out on a miserable evening to play ukuleles and sing for their supper. We had a great time as the rain poured outside. The food was wonderful and the audience was delightful. It's easy to play for a group that looks like they are having fun.

The Yesterukes were rewarded with a standing ovation when the music came to an end. That doesn't happen often, so we loved it. People often come up as we are packing the sound equipment and tell how much they enjoyed us. But one comment last night stood out among the others. A kind lady came up to say, "You gave us a great gift tonight. Our congregation has dealt with some difficult things right here at the holiday season. It hasn't been easy. But tonight, for forty minutes, everyone here smiled and laughed and forgot about everything else. The Yesterukes were just what we needed. Thank you."

That made slogging through the cold rain on a dark night worth all our efforts.

We Need A Little Christmas, from "Mame", 1966

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