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Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy Days And Mondays

How could there not be a post on this rainy Monday? It was too hard to pass up using this song for our blog title today. It might be a long time before it rains like this on a Monday again. Days like this make us look forward to getting together soon. The Yesterukes started as a music group, but strong friendships have developed and probably are the most important thing for us now. These are the nicest folks you'll ever meet, brought together by the magic of the little ukulele.

We hit a new record last week. We booked a date for over a year from now! Crazy, isn't it? Ron, the whistler in our group, said a long time ago, "At our age, we don't even buy green bananas." With that in mind, the date is on our schedule (Nov. 2, 2010), but with a promise that they will check with us next summer to see if we are still kicking. But, boy, does it does make us feel wanted!

We need your help. Our fan page on Facebook is soooo close to having 100 friends. By many standards that isn't that many, but look at our group photo--we are not the prime generation using Facebook. But our children and grandchildren are of the "Facebook generation." So help us spread the word that it's easy to become a "fan" of the YesterUkes by going to YESTERUKES FAN PAGE. If you are not a Facebook user, you can still view the page by following the same link. Let your friends know that we have a fan page. You can just search for "Yesterukes" on Facebook if you don't remember the link. And there will be a little treat for Fan #100!

Rainy Days And Mondays, The Carpenters, 1971

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