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Sunday, October 18, 2009

King Of The Road

When the weather turned cold and rainy, people crowded into the dining hall at Palmetto Cove RV Park to hear the Yesterukes. (An outdoor concert had been planned.) About 100 Airstreams gathered in the South Carolina mountains for the North Carolina/South Carolina Airstream Rally this weekend. We were invited to be the afternoon entertainment. This was our perfect audience--old enough to appreciate our music and young enough to be enthusiastic and sing along with us. For an hour we rocked the place with lots of favorite songs. And just for this group, we sang "Airstreams for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents...." Our version of "King Of The Road."

After the program, people pushed to the front, money in hand, to get their own Yesterukes CD. That's the way we like to end a program. As we were packing up, someone was already playing our CD over the sound system. There is always a bit of a delay when we hear it unexpectedly, and then we realize, "Hey, that's us!" We'd like to think they'll be listening to us as they head home, singing along with the CD.

One lady told us afterward, "This was a delightful surprise." We hear that a lot. Evidently, folks have pretty low expectations when they hear the words, "ukulele band." Glad we surprise them in a good way. Someone else said, "I've only heard you on YouTube, but the videos don't do you justice. You guys are so much better in person. This was great!"

The best comment was from a relative of a band member. She said she often talks about interesting family things at work, so one day she mentioned having a cousin who had a senior citizen ukulele band. Her co-worker said, "You're making that one up, aren't you?" No, we're for real---a traveling band of gray-haired ukulele players. Sounds perfectly normal to us!

King Of The Road, Roger Miller, 1965

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