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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime...And The Living Is Easy

Summertime in the South brings heat and humidity that can wilt even the heartiest souls. But summertime also brings a bounty from the garden, such as fresh green beans, cantaloup and peaches. This week the YesterUkes had to sing for their supper (actually, it was lunch) but after the program they were treated to fresh fruits and vegetables served along side fried chicken--a staple at Southern covered dish dinners. These Baptists know how to cook!

Fifteen ukulele players were the entertainment for the monthly meeting of the Happy Hearts Club at Hampton Heights Baptist Church. We sang old favorites from decades past. After the meeting, so many people told us those songs brought back good memories. Several said they hadn't heard those songs in years.

We always ask the audience to sing along with us. One lady told us when a song was announced, she could remember the song but knew she couldn't sing along because she didn't remember the words. Then she exclaimed, "But every time you started, I knew every word and could sing right along with you!" Those songs from our younger days are sometimes buried deep in our brains, but they are there.

While packing up at the end, the director was having the usual "where are you from" conversation with a church member. She discovered that many years ago this silver-haired lady had lived in the same small town where she grew up. In the South, it's customary to find out "who your people are". So as they continued to talk, they discovered that this church member and the director's father had been next door neighbors when they were children! Small world. The director was happy to hear a little about her dad and grandmother when they were young.

Play a ukulele and you never know what surprises await you!

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