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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

By The Beautiful Sea

So what if we were 265 miles from the coast?  This "ship" sailed anyway.  The residents, all dressed in resort attire, were welcomed by the captain as they boarded and took a lunch time cruise.  A lavish meal (including shrimp cocktail, salmon, crab rangoon, teriyaki steak, oysters and mango sorbet) was enjoyed by residents of Foothills Presbyterian Community as the cruise got underway.  

The YesterUkes were the featured entertainers for the floor show during the meal.   We added some Hawaiian tunes to our regular repertoire, singing Pearly Shells, The Hukilau Song, and Tiny Bubbles.  There were even bubbles floating through the air for the famous Don Ho song.

As the show ended, people gathered on the dance floor for a hula.  The "ship" docked and the cruise director offered everyone a choice of a day trip into town or bingo on the Lido deck.   We hope this "ship" sails next year.  We'd love to cruise with them again.

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  1. This whole thing sounds awesome. Maybe I should consider being an event planner for seniors. I think it would be way more fun than sitting at a desk!