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Sunday, May 17, 2009

You've Got A Friend

The Internet is fascinating and frightening at the same time. It allows us access to nearly everything and allows nearly everyone access to us. That is how SMUG found the YesterUkes.

A few months back, a gentleman on Prince Edward Island, Canada, was browsing the Internet, hoping to read about ukulele bands similar to the one he had just started. In searching, he came across our blog. He emailed, telling us that he had enjoyed reading about our group. Some of the YesterUkes responded, and in short order, we had friends in far away Canada. We discovered we had much in common. SMUG (Saturday Morning Ukulele Group) is a group of folks who have fun getting together to play ukuleles. That could also describe the YesterUkes.

The YesterUkes started (if you count the beginner class) two years ago, so we have had time to develop into a performing band. But, at the core, we are still a group of folks who have fun getting together to play ukuleles. It's just that now we have an audience much of the time. We're happy to have another group to share ideas with and maybe swap a song or two.

The YesterUkes in South Carolina got a huge boost at their start from Dr. Uke, leader of the Glastonbury Ukulele Band in Connecticut. We hope that we can give a little support and encouragement to SMUG on Prince Edward Island. Bet it won't be long until they find a ukulele group somewhere else on the globe that needs a friend! And we'll all be ukulele friends across the miles.

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  1. Where is the Easley Presbyterian Church located and would I need a reservation?