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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Make Me Feel So Young

After the program, seemed like everyone had a comment or a question:
  • "I really enjoyed that racket!"
  • "Please some back soon 'cause you didn't sing my favorite song."
  • "You sang my favorite song!"
  • "Did you know Marilyn Monroe played that song in 'Some Like It Hot'?"
  • "What's the average age of your members?" (Not sure--probably somewhere in the early 70s.)
  • "I learned all these songs from my parents."
  • "How long does it take someone to learn enough to play with you?" (Not long.)
  • "Why haven't you been on television?" ('Cause no one has asked us yet.)
  • "Do you have change for a $20?" (Of course! And then we sold him a CD.)
  • "Let me tell you about this song and what happened when I was in 5th grade."
  • "I'm a nurse and I think this is good therapy for these people." (Players or listeners?)
  • "Do you know the Kate Smith song, 'When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain' ?" (No, but we know a lot of other moon songs.)
  • "I got a ukulele for Christmas one year when I was little."
  • "That morning TV show has musicians on all the time. But they're not professional, like you."
  • "That was just delightful!"
  • "I'm SO glad my husband and I came today."
The senior adult audience today at Covenant Presbyterian Church may have been the most involved we've had. No one was in a hurry to leave after lunch. As the sound equipment was being packed, folks lingered, talking with each other, asking questions and telling stories about the songs we sang today. Song sheets are often discarded after a program. Today there were only a couple left behind on the tables.

Once again, the YesterUkes did what they do best with their ukuleles and their music...conjure up smiles and memories.

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