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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Third Impossible Thing

The first impossible thing was cutting a CD within six months of becoming a band. A real CD with shrink wrap, liner notes, and everything. The second impossible thing was having a news article in The Greenville News that was on the front page of the Sunday Lifestyle edition, nearly a full page, headline above the fold. That came after they had difficulty getting even a mention in a smaller paper. The third impossible thing happened on Friday when the YesterUkes played a holiday mini-concert at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

Each one of these accomplishments happened after a band member said "Wouldn't it be great if ... ?" And everyone would laugh and exclaim, "Well, that will never happen!" But each time a seed was planted. And this is a determined group of people. They worked hard to push their performance skills to a higher level. Each one became a better musician. They have learned what audiences enjoy. They learned about public relations and press kits and such. They have delighted audiences across the upstate. And in one calendar year, they managed to do each "impossible thing" they talked about.

That is how they came to perform at the Grove Park Inn, a world class resort and spa located in the mountains of North Carolina. This was their first out-of-state appearance. On Friday the Great Hall was busy as holiday guests arrived for a winter vacation. But the bustling about stopped for a moment when the YesterUkes started their music. Children danced. Adults smiled. Everyone enjoyed singing Christmas favorites as the band led their largest sing-along yet. Even hotel staff stopped to listen and enjoy the music. The YesterUkes will now take some time off to enjoy Christmas with their families and most likely they will enjoy telling stories about all they have done in 2008!

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