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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Busy September

It has been a very busy September for The Yesterukes. It all started in August with our first practice of the season on the 25th.  It was great to get back together and make music again after the summer break.  We usually take the summer months off from performing and practicing to rest, travel, and spend time with family.

Our first gig of the fall season was at Mauldin United Methodist Church on September 12th.  We played for The Second Monday Club group after we enjoyed a delicious meal.  We received our first standing ovation of the season from an appreciative audience.  Sadly, the group's photographer (yours truly) failed to take pictures of this event.

We don't usually schedule more than one performance in a given week, but we decided that we couldn't turn down an invitation from The Free Spirit Senior Ministry at Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville on September 15th.  We enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner with all the trimmings.  We must have done a pretty good job with our performance, because we received our second standing ovation of the young season.

On September 20th, we returned to First Baptist Church, Simpsonville to entertain the Joy Fellowship group.  We have played for this group several times before and, as always, the audience was really enthusiastic.  And, as luck would have it, we received our third standing ovation of the season.  Did I mention that we enjoyed a fantastic covered dish meal so big that there were two separate serving lines?  The food went on forever.

Let's hope we can keep performing well enough to earn our food and receive a few more standing O's.

Here are some pics from our first practice and performances.


  1. We have really had a wonderful beginning to our fall season..........there is more great music to make with our friends!!!!

  2. Happy to know about this music band. Had attended one event at one of LA venues where an amazing band was hired for the music. They did a great job in making the people happy with their awesome work. I too liked their performance.