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Friday, August 14, 2015


 Our first gig of this season was a little different from our usual programs for senior adults. We were invited to play at the Back To School Beach Bash Luau at the Greenville Library (Augusta Rd.) Our space was limited, so the first 10 of our band members to volunteer came to play as families came in and out of the library.

A few tiny children showed up with ukuleles in hand, just to be part of the "Hawaiian" fun. A small girl did her own version of the hula as we played.

But the most impressive was the mother who stayed to talk a few minutes after we finished our set. She had brought her children from a neighboring town because she had read that we would be playing. Yes, they came just to see us! Her young son is interested in ukuleles and she wanted him to see real ones being played.

Maybe in a few years, the library can call him to come play for them!

Aloha'Oe, Liliʻuokalani, 1878


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  1. Wow this is inspiring to read. I appreciate the fact that the ukulele is being embraced by people in all walks of life. It's very motivating to pick up the uke and just have fun. Keep posting great stuff on your site! Cheers

    Oh, I actually published a library of ukulele chords recently. I hope you like it :)