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Saturday, August 23, 2014

At Last

After a long summer break (seemed like forever,) the Yesterukes are back together again. The first practices after summer are always filled with as much visiting as playing. These folks miss being together. But the music is still our focus. And it sounded good.

Our calendar for the coming season is filling up quickly. People are always shocked to find out that we book our engagements  9-12 months in advance. We are as surprised as they are. But groups love us. What we bring to these groups and clubs is great music, an upbeat program and a sense of joy. It's infectious. We leave behind happy people. They often leave humming a favorite tune. What a pleasure it is for us to make them smile.

Watch here for updates on our upcoming gigs as we enter our eighth year. Who would have ever thought we would still be here making music together!

At Last, Etta James, 1960

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