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Friday, June 21, 2013

See You In September

We are almost to the end of our season, so yesterday we celebrated a successful year with a special cake. (We also celebrated summer birthdays!)

We reserved the final two weeks of practice for "learn to jam" sessions. We pulled our chairs into a circle and just enjoyed playing and singing songs that most everyone knew. It was fun for all ages. It was a chance to learn to hear the chords instead of reading them off the printed page. 

Group singing is an activity that is as old as the ages. According to Wikipedia, "It has been suggested that human group singing was primarily promoting the cohesiveness within human groups,[2] and was possibly used to defend human groups from predators and competitors."

And as luck would have it, this practice was just in time for today— "National Music Day"— and a nearby ukulele celebration and observance. Let's hope that a few of the Yesterukes will take their uke skills to this event and try out what they've learned.

After next week's final practice, we will be taking a long summer break to rest and enjoy families. We will be back here, blogging about our ukulele adventures in late summer.

See You In September, The Tempos, 1959

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  1. Several of the Yesterukes members attended the ukulele circle. It was a perfect night for outdoor music.