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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun

These hospitable people today let us head to dinner line immediately after our program this morning, while they finished their meeting. That was so nice of them.

The kind folks at Main St. United Methodist Church were one of our best audiences. And they fed us well. Everywhere we play feeds us well. (Best Lemon Bliss ice cream ever, btw)

For us, the visiting during lunch is as important as the program we've just played. Friendship. Fellowship. Time spent together is so appreciated and enjoyed.

And it's the same for the senior adults in the audience. 
Fellowship is fundamental to the group.

As we were packing up today, one church member asked that I take a minute and go with her to see the sanctuary. What a beautiful, holy place. I'm glad she asked.

You readers may get tired of reading this, but we Yesterukes never tire of hearing the comment, "I'll just have to tell you that you are without a doubt the very best program we've ever had." The last person to come up after the program to chat with us said those exact words.

Now, we know that we don't hit every chord perfectly. And sometimes we mix up the words in a spot or two. So why do we here that comment again and again? Well, the other comment we hear even more might be the explanation. So many people today (and at every gig) tell us, "You look like you are having so much fun!" And we are. 

That isn't a rehearsed or faked enthusiasm. One of our own members said today, "Every time we play, it's just as much fun as the first time. It just never gets old." There are better musicians out there, but the Yesterukes just might have the most fun. Combine that with choosing songs our audiences love, songs that bring back good memories. And maybe, yes—we might be the one of their favorite programs. We're glad it works.

Fun, Fun, Fun, Beach Boys, 1964

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